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  • Mayra Mardon, MBA, REALTOR®

How to Sell Your Property Quickly For The Highest Dollar

Finding that one home-buyer who cannot resist buying your home at the highest price possible is the goal of any home seller. Taking care of the details that make that happen is imperative. Here's a few items to consider to set you up for success!

1) Get a professional CMA (Market Analysis) from a Real Estate Professional that can give you an idea of how much is your home worth in this market. Having a professional help you sell your home is the first step to succeed. Overpricing your home will sell other properties in the market, not yours. Realtors are equipped with professional resources to help you price right and to bring buyers to your home, giving your home listing the promotion and marketing it deserves as well as helping to handle all the other transaction details so you can focus on making sure your home is the best condition possible.

2) Calculate how much equity you might have taking in consideration market value, your remaining Mortgage loan balance, and how much you'd have to invest to put the home in its best selling condition possible. Account for necessary expenses such as any closing costs, inspections, capital gain taxes and sales commissions.

3) Look at those details of your home that are most cost efficient to fix or update, such as paint (neutral colors are best), cleanup, mailbox fix-up, landscaping, de-cluttering, depersonalizing, outdoor lights, power-washing, clean carpets, keeping grout in bathrooms immaculate clean, etc.. Inspections aren’t just due diligence—they are re-negotiation leverage especially in a buyer’s market .

Any issues with the home will eventually be discovered by the buyer or during the inspection process and will most certainly cost you one way or another. If you are unaware of the inspection process it might be a good idea to have an inspection before you list your property so there aren't any big or expensive surprises.

4) Ask your real estate agent about ideas on how to best stage the home, you'd be surprised what a small re-org at home can do! Other than getting it ready for the listing professional pictures to be taken, while your home is in the market it should continuously be ready to be shown. Buyers like roominess and light and having a "function" for each room is ideal. As needed, if your budget allows, your agent can also arrange for professional staging services which can increase the appeal of your home. Most staged homes sell faster and above asking price.

5) Make a list of the top attributes of your home and neighborhood and share it with your agent. That list of attributes might be the same that will attract new prospective buyers. What makes your home unique in your neighborhood? It matters.

6) Tour similar homes for sale with your agent, it will help you make sure your price is reasonable. Remember that old saying.. "Overpriced homes sell other people's houses!"

7) Make sure mechanical conditions of the home are excellent. Plumbing, A/C, Heating, Gas lines, Electrical, etc. Having these items inspected by certified plumber, an electrician, gas supplier (if applicable), HVAC company, etc. will give your agent extra information which will be helpful in closing that sale. Alternatively you can hire a certified home inspector to cover all areas. Offering a prepaid home warranty is usually a great addition that makes home-buyers more comfortable for a small investment. Selling your home as-is if you have mechanical issues might make it necessary to negotiate with the buyer.

8) When it comes to appliances, Stainless steel is preferred but if new appliances are out of budget consider at least having immaculately clean and fully functioning appliances. When buyers are choosing between 2 homes appliances might otherwise cost you the sale.

9) Other Key low-budget items to keep an eye on to fix or remove:

  1. Any signs that are political or religious - remove.

  2. Fixtures with missing light-bulbs (replace light-bulbs)

  3. Broken door knobs - replace.

  4. Dirty cat boxes or pet deposits in the backyard - remove.

  5. Loose stairs on a stair way - repair.

  6. Holiday decorations (out of season) - remove.

  7. Low hanging dining room fixture - repair.

  8. Clutter - Reorganize, garage sell, or get a storage unit. Homes with open space sell faster.

10) If you haven't moved yet and are occupying the home. Make sure, before you sell your home, that you are fully pre-approved to buy a new place to move to. Your agent can guide you in this process. This will allow you prevent missing any top dollar offer that might come in to close quickly.

11) When the agent is showing the home, do not be present. This will ensure buyers don't feel rushed and have the opportunity to picture the place as their own home increasing your chances to sell.

12) For luxury homes, you can sweeten the deal by offering a year of landscaping, maid service or pool cleaning service. These little details could make a big difference when buyers are undecided between 2 homes with equivalent features.

13) When choosing an agent make sure to look at what they offer to market your home, not just a listing on the MLS. Details matter, and having a professional with a plethora of resources by your side will ensure you sell your home for top dollar.

Happy selling!

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